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Colorado Real Estate powered by "The 411 for the 719"

Do you need help buying or selling a home? Our team of premiere professionals have the 411 on the 719 and we can absolutely help support you. We know how to reach and market to Colorado Springs and surrounding areas and we can help with financing as well as any other services you might need. We spend a lot of time connecting with locals and businesses in the community and look forward to meeting you.  Visit this Facebook group here to connect and ask questions with other locals.  If you’re Moving to Colorado, or simply coming for vacation, we can help plan and find the right place for you.

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411 for the 719

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The Seller's Guide

We’re in the ultimate sellers’ market right now. If you’re a homeowner thinking about selling, you have a huge advantage in today’s housing market. High buyer demand paired with very few houses for sale makes this the optimal time to sell for those who are ready. Whatever the move you want to make looks like, here’s an overview of what’s creating the prime opportunity to sell this summer.

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411 Seller's Guide

The Buyer's Guide

Buying a home now instead of renting one may be the game-changer that amplifies long-term savings for renters who are ready to become homeowners. When paying a mortgage as opposed to paying rent, that money is reinvested back in your favor, so you’re contributing to your own net worth when you own a home. This is a term called equity, and it’s one of the biggest financial benefits of homeownership.

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411 Buyer's Guide